Taking care of your vehicle in East Stroudsburg, Saylorsville, Easton, and Brodheadsville is a lot easier when you stay up to date with what your manufacturer has to say about oil changes.

What happens if you don't change your oil, though? Most likely, your engine will start to feel the negative effects. Not changing oil in your vehicle can lead to long-term issues, so be sure to schedule your next oil change with the Stroudsburg professionals at Ray Price Mazda.

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What the Oil In Your Car Does

You never want to have your vehicle feel the effects of not getting an oil change. If you wait too long between oil changes, it can lead to an overall sluggish performance and decreased fuel efficiency. Fresh, clean oil properly lubricates the engine and brings heat away from the engine itself. As the oil is working through your engine, it's able to lubricate the many engine components to ensure your car is operational.

Oil will become thick and turn a dark color over time. Open the hood from time to time and check the oil yourself at home. It should be amber in color, and the oil level should follow what your vehicle manufacturer says. Don't drive a car without an oil change. Get in touch with our service technicians to schedule yours today.

Why Oil Needs to Be Changed

As mentioned above, clean and fresh oil is amber in color and should be relatively clear. Thick, dark oil which has become muddled slows an engine down and can lead to future issues. Oil will pick up dirt and debris as time goes on. The oil filter keeps this dirt and debris from reaching the engine, but the filter should be changed along with the oil so that it can do its job.

Parts inside the engine will run hot if the oil isn't changed. This can cause some of these components to wear down and potentially warp completely. The lack of lubrication may manifest itself by way of engine knocking noises. If you hear any sounds coming from the engine while driving, it is time for an oil change. Protect your engine. Protect your car. An oil change goes a long way.

Visit Our Service Center Today

Don't skip that oil change! It might be something that's easy to forget, but if your check engine light or oil service light has turned on in your vehicle, it's trying to tell you something. It's likely time for that next oil change. What happens if you don't change your oil? Well, the engine won't deliver that efficient and reliable performance you've come to count on every day.

Be sure to schedule a maintenance appointment with our service professionals. We'll take care of your car and return you to the road as soon as possible.

Comprehensive Oil Change Service at Our Dealership

At Ray Price Mazda, our service technicians care deeply about your vehicle. To be sure your ride is ready for East Stroudsburg, Stroudsburg, and Easton roads, have your oil changed in our service center.

We'll keep your car up to date with Brodheadsville and Saylorsville vehicle maintenance. Do you have questions about your next visit or your vehicle warranty? We have the answers.

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